What Does the Future of the Web Look Like?

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CNN has covered what it believes are the top sites which encompus what the internet of the near future will look like. Web 2.0 is a term I’m pretty sick of hearing thrown around, but it seems to be here for good. Most of these sites are startups that have began with just an idea that someone put together and hit it big time and are actually quite ingenius. The idea of social search gives the users more reason to contribute (sometimes too much of a reason as seen with spammers and Digg Armies) and is changing the way people get their news.

I for one know that I never watch the nightly news, or rarely look at any real dedicated news sites. Why should I when there are sites like the following that people submit to pulling all of the best information from the web into a few locations. Get yourself a good 20-30 RSS feeds and you can basically have all of the information you could ever want to know and more. If your looking for a few good RSS feeds, you’ll most likely want to check out at least a couple of these “top” sites that are changing the face of the web.

  1. Digg – News aggregator
  2. Last.fm – Social Internet Radio stations
  3. Newsvine – News aggregator
  4. Tag World – Social Networking
  5. YouTube – Video sharing
  6. Yahoo! – May be creating an all in one “Social Web 2.0″ experience with the purchase of Del.icio.us, Flickr, and Webjay.
  7. Bloglines – Web based RSS reader
  8. Eurekster – Search
  9. Simply Hired – Job Search Engine
  10. Technorati – Blog search engine based on tagging
  11. Trulia – Real Estate Mashup
  12. Wink – Tag search engine
  13. Google – you know Google has to be on everyones list for some reason or another
  14. Fonality – Open source telephony software
  15. SIPphone – Internet phone software much like Skype
  16. Iotum – Presence managment software
  17. Vivox – P2P voice technology
  18. Skype – Internet phone and IM service
  19. JotSpot – Wikis and online spreadsheets
  20. 30Boxes – online calendar
  21. 37 signals – online project management
  22. Writely – online word processesing
  23. Zimbra – web based email application much like Outlook
  24. Microsoft – windows live / office live (web based versions of Windows and Office)
  25. Brightcove – Internet TV Distributor
  26. Jigsaw – Business contact databse
  27. SimpleFeed – opt in RSS marketing
  28. Salesforce.com – Online enterprise software
  29. Six Apart – Blogging tools

There are quite a few that I’ve never heard of that offer serivces which are widely known about by other start ups allready, but the article is by someone at CNN who is probably old and doesnt really know exactly what they are talking about. Missing from this list in my opinon are Blogger, Reddit, Slashdot, MySpace, and literaly hundereds more.

Only time will tell which of these survive and become the true future of the web and which ones will die out and never be heard from again.

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