Convert Xvid DivX and WMV to Apple TV Format

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Last week Apple began shipping their new Apple TV product which allows you to stream video from your mac to your TV.  Their thought behind this is that when you buy movies from the iTunes movie store you will obviously want to watch them on your big HD TV rather than sitting at your computer.  But what about all those movies you obtained through other sources?

Since the video files must be compatitble with Apple TV your going to have to convert those xVid, DivX and WMV into the correct format.  If you have quite a few of them on your hard drive then it can be a pretty cumbersome task; unless you make use of the great little tool called Automator.  If you dont know, Automator was developed by Apple to make creating scripts as simple as possible.  Whats even better is there is a huge community that creates the scripts for you so all you have to do is download them and run them.

This Automator workflow will let you drop your movie files into a designated folder and it will automatically compress and convert using Quicktime, and then import into iTunes so that you can stream them over to your AppleTV.  You will need to download the xvid, divx, and wmv codecs for the script to work.  To download these and find complete instructions on using the Apple TV file conversion workflow, visit the Vallery Family (creator’s site).
Download the Automator Workflow to convert your video files to AppleTV format.

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