Growl System Notification

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Growl is a notification system that will alert you to many differet types of activity that takes place on your computer. This may not sound like anything great, but once you use it you wont be able to function again without it. It works on tons of applications from Adium, iTunes, FTP apps, Firefox and many others. Basically when anything happens with a certain application a little message will appear letting you know exactly what it is.

For example if your chatting with someone on IM and you are also looking at something on the internet, then you will have the browser window infront of the IM. Someone IMs you and without Growl you would have to stop what your doing and switch windows in order to see what they said. With Growl you get a nice little message at the top of your screen with the persons buddy icon, and the message that they sent. If its something such as “lol” or “bye” or anything else you dont really need to respond to you can just keep going about your business in Firefox.

If you have iTunes playing you can also get a cool little window pop up letting you know what song is now playing, and the artist and album art. With FTP applications it will let you know when files are finished uploading or downloading. The uses of Growl are limitless, and when I’m on someone elses computer for an extended amount of time I find that I really miss having it.

The video above shows a user downloading a copy of Adium in Safari. Once its complete, the Growl notificatin will pop up letting you know. There are quite a few different skins you can apply to the notification which come pre-loaded with the application. You can see mine running below with a new song starting in iTunes. And yes, Here Comes the Hotstepper is still a great song.

More Screenshots: Growl Screenshots
Download: Growl Notifications

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7 thoughts on “Growl System Notification

  1. Google Reader has things LIKE Growl that pop up when you use keyboard shortcuts, but I never installed Growl. How do you program these things in to your App? Can you make them pop up without Growl being installed using something like AppleScript?

  2. I am not sure of a way to do this using AppleScript, but as far as making Growl work, you dont have to do anything more than install the application. Any software that is coded to support Growl will automatically work. I use Vienna for my RSS feeds, and it supports Growl.

  3. Thanks for that.

    But do you know what I mean about apps that show growl-like stuff without Growl being installed? The Google Reader looks just like Growl. and you can interact with it. Is that some proprietary tool they have? Because the interface in Reader is really cool.

  4. Ah, now I see. Yes, that is built into the google reader software when they code it. Microsoft Outlook has a similar feature when you recieve new mail.

  5. it seems the Growl System Notification likes a kind of virus, I hope it can never happen to my computer or spread largely.

  6. that would definitely give me thousands of notification a day considering my computer activities. :)

    nice to know there is something like this. thanks

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